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Solariums that evenly sunbathe the whole body and with about 10 minutes after sunbathing you get a beautiful long-lasting tan. Sunbathing stimulates the production of vitamin D during the winter, so sunbathing is desirable for people who have bone problems, rheumatic problems, skin problems (acne, psoriasis).

Since in recent times, due to lifestyle and other reasons, we are not exposed to the sun as before, we are instructed to use "artificial sun" or solarium. Modern solariums, which have applied the latest findings in photobiological research, offer a high degree of efficiency and safety. This is exactly the kind of solarium that awaits you with us.

However, the most important thing is not to overdo the use of solariums, because that cancels the beneficial properties of sunbathing. Therefore, sunbathing should be limited to 2-3 times a week.

Regardless of the negative attitude towards the solarium, UV radiation can do the following: it stimulates blood circulation and sexuality, speeds up the work of the psyche and eliminates depression, stimulates immunity, improves the ability to react and relieves stress.

Extremely brown color requires a small amount of short-wave UV-B radiation in combination with long-wave UV-A radiation. A healthy brown color requires a little more time though. The skin adapts to the sun only after 2-3 weeks of daily UV radiation.

UV-B radiation is directed to the lower layers of the subcutaneous layer, towards pigment cells and melanocytes. Simultaneously with the appearance, the formation and shaping of pigment substances begins.

Melanin is in the form of small pigment grains. Melanin pigments travel after 2-5 days of sunbathing to the highest layer of the skin. Light skin produces less melanin, so the skin becomes less brown. UV-A RADIATION forms an oxidizing compound with oxygen from the blood. Thus both bright and colorless melanin-pigments.

Light spot - when sunbathing with UV-B is prolonged, thickening of the highest layer of the skin occurs. Brown color plus light spot builds natural sun protection, which corresponds to a light protection factor of 20-40. It appears within 4-6 weeks.

The link between solar radiation and skin cancer, such as malignant melanoma, has not been scientifically proven. UV radiation has a positive effect, primarily in winter, both on strengthening the immune system and the production of vitamin D3, which is important for bone structure.

The elixir of life

Sunlight is the elixir of life! Feel it absorb its rays and that heavenly feeling!
Adore the sun and your tanned skin!

Risk-free sunbathing

If you follow the following rules, you will have no reason to worry about the possible harmful effects of tanning beds:

  • solarium is not recommended for people under 16 years of age
  • it is necessary to adhere to the specified sunbathing time for a particular skin type
  • never use cosmetics and fragrances when sunbathing
  • wear goggles

The time can vary depending on the intensity of the lamps in the solarium, so the time spent staying can be increased somewhere and decreased somewhere.

Many positive properties of sunbathing in solariums have been known for a long time, and they are often used preventively for certain treatments without medication.

Sunbathing in a solarium is an effective and recommended way to achieve a fresh and attractive color. Sunscreens can be used in the solarium for a protective factor, but only if the skin is light and sensitive, and products for achieving a stronger color and skin care, which are used only in the solarium. Preparations should contain as little fat and emulsifiers as possible because they increase skin sensitivity.

The benefits of sunbathing in a solarium

  • Achieve fresh and attractive color
  • Activating the production of vitamin D3-prophylaxis of osteoporosis
  • Low doses of UV-B radiation boost immunity
  • Improves the condition of impure skin - acne, pimples, reduction of facial fat ...
  • Contributes to the reduction of cholesterol levels thanks to the beneficial effects of dosed amounts of UV-B radiation
  • It is used as a therapy for non-communicable skin diseases - psoriasis, neurodermatitis and depigmentation caused by fungi
  • Stimulates good mood and has an antidepressant effect

The point is that UV radiation should be exposed as short as possible with the best possible tanning results. These are turbo solariums with faster and stronger lamps, which enable short treatments and long-lasting darkening. These are turbo lamps with a power of over 180 W, and only solariums with such lamps can be called turbo solariums!!!!!

Solariums in our studio are with lamps of 180 and 200 W, among the highest quality and strongest on the market!!!

To achieve the desired color, it takes 3-5 treatments in a tanning bed, depending on the skin type and stronger tanning bed. After the first treatment, take a break of 48 hours, after which you can sunbathe every 24 hours, but it is recommended every other day to achieve a natural and stronger tan. The annual allowed quota is about fifty sunbathing.

We hope you enjoy sunbathing and thank you for your trust.

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